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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012 – Day 2

The second day of the conference was as entertaining and even more educative as the first one. Tyler Moore and others presented in their paper Measuring the cost of cybercrime an attempt of calculating the costs of cybercrime. This is a … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012 – Day 1

As always, the conference is split into two streams: Corporate and Technical. For the first time since i started to attend this conference has been really hard for me to choose to which stream to attend. In the first day … Continue reading

Avira Version 2013: Moving from System to User Security

Avira version 2013: The First Release, Moving Avira from System to User Security This release starts the transition toward a user centric view of the security. We start protecting also user’s social networks and we emphasize the importance of the parental … Continue reading

Virus Bulletin Conference 2012

The VB2012 - the 22nd Virus Bulletin International Conference is taking place between  26-28 September 2012 in Dallas, Texas, United States. As every year, Avira is present there and we will blog every day about the most important presentations. This year’s keynote address … Continue reading

Avira Inc.opening, witness the history & future of security (updated)

You may wonder what the opening of the recently born company Avira Inc. (the U.S. daughter of the Avira Germany) has to do with the history and the future of the security.   Today, September 20th, there will be the … Continue reading

Microsoft fixes the IE zero-day exploit

We have published information about the IE zero-day exploit which affected IE version 6 to 9 on all operating systems on which it is available. Not surprisingly, Microsoft announced today that they have a fix for this problem even before the cumulative patch on … Continue reading

Zero-Day exploit in Internet Explorer(Update #2)

It appears that another exploit is being actively used to install malware. This time, there is an exploit in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 9. This means, that all  Windows operating systems until Windows 8 are affected. Microsoft has acknowledged in … Continue reading

Fake LinkedIn emails pointing to online pharmacy websites

We have written many times already about fake LinkedIn emails which lead most of the time to online pharmacy websites and possibly to also infected websites. The latest spams, similar to those we already wrote about, are pretending to come … Continue reading

Back-to-School tips for online safety

Now that kids are heading back to school, it’s important for parents to understand the online safety and privacy issues that might arise during this busy time of year. A new school year brings new friends and new assignments. Both … Continue reading

Dropbox’s two factor authentication and what happens when it fails(Update)

Some time ago, Dropbox offered two-factor authentication. This means, that you need to prove that you are in possession of something that only the owner of the account has. This is usually a mobile phone, but it can be also an application … Continue reading