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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Oracle has released the patch for the Java 0-day exploit

We wrote about the Java 0-day exploit (CVE-2012-4681) and that there is no fix available from Oracle. In the meanwhile, we have added also detection for the exploit starting with t he engine  version or higher. All Avira products detect this … Continue reading

0-day exploit for Java 1.7 (Update)

Recently a vulnerability in Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7 was discovered that may allow an applet to execute any program with arbitrary permissions. The JRE framework allows any browser on any supported platform to execute Java applications called applets … Continue reading

Speed ticket from NY Police via email

No, it is actually a pretty interesting spam email which I received. The emails pretend to come from New York State ”Department of Motor Vehicles” and informs the recipient that he/she violated the speed limit . In order to see more … Continue reading

Microsoft patch day brings many security fixes

Microsoft did a good job in August by releasing to customers no less than 9 security bulletins which fix 5 critical security vulnerabilities and 4 important ones. Pretty much everything is affected : – the Windows operating system (XP 32bit … Continue reading

Would you buy security software advertised in a spam?

We received a spam email which advertises protection against Internet threats. The email comes from “Top Anti Virus Software” , an email address from a domain in India. There are only two links in the email, both pointing to the same URL … Continue reading

Spam gives a “proper” name and description to the money mule job

A “money mule” is a person, an intermediate, that receives potentially illegally obtained money from someone and redirects them to someone else. Of course, the intermediary receives a percent of the transaction. In other words, this is nothing else than … Continue reading