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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Mail pretending to come from the German Post delivers malware

German readers will laugh when reading the text in original, received via a recent spam campaign. In a free translation, the original text written more in a German slang would translate to: Dear customer, Our postman couldn’t deliver a package to … Continue reading

Security 101: July 2012

As previously announced, we continue to answer questions received from the readers of the PC.COM magazine.   How to scan or check (open/close) port activity on computer for illegal access/activity? A port scan is a form of network attack that sends … Continue reading

The Avira Protection Cloud

Outsmarting the malware of the future requires building a huge community-powered knowledge base containing malware data and clean applications. For that we need your support. The more users contribute, the better we can protect everyone! By working together, you can help us continue to … Continue reading

Extremely complex phishing attack against German Postbank

I don’t write very often about phishing attempts which aren’t international, but this phishing attack against the German Postbank is extremely special and it deserves a through analysis. I received the phishing email below on one of my private email … Continue reading

DNSChanger and the errors “Server not found”/”This webpage is not available”

Do you know someone who  can’t navigate and instead of the well known websites receives errors like “Unable to resolve the DNS address” “Server not found” “The webpage is not available” ? He might be infected with the DNSChanger malware … Continue reading

DNSChanger malware: One day left to react

We wrote about the DNSChanger malware and about the Avira tool which detects if your computer’s DNS settings were altered and restores the defaults in case they were changed by the malware. Tomorrow, July 9th, the FBI will shutdown the DNS servers which allow the … Continue reading

New type of Nigerian scam or just a spam from “FBI”

From time to time, we see in our labs really funny emails pretending to be deadly serious. This time, I received one such email on my personal email address, and I couldn’t stop laughing after reading it full. And this, … Continue reading