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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Detecting the “Flame” Trojan

You may have heard about a new Trojan virus called “Flame”, which is attacking users’ privacy and is stealing sensitive information. It has been mostly infecting computers in the Middle East (Iran, in particular) but it also has been reported … Continue reading

Monitor your children on social media websites

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Formspring, MySpace and others have gained millions of users in the last years. Persons from 9 to 90 years old are registered, post content in form of text, photos and video. Even if you … Continue reading

ProActiv: How to add exceptions and deactivate it (Updated)

Update: Please perform a product update in order to receive the fix which we released to all customers.     If you have problems with the ProActiv module after updating to the Service Pack, please follow the steps described in … Continue reading

Security 101: April – Questions & Answers

As previously announced, we continue to answer questions received from the readers of the PC.COM magazine.   How does a phishing website gets access to our account number A phishing websites try to fake official websites of financial corporations (banks, … Continue reading

Security updates for Safari and OS X Lion products

Apple released Safari 5.1.7 addressing multiple cross-site scripting, remote code execution, crashes  and other vulnerabilities. Also notable is the automatic deactivation of  Adobe Flash Player if it is older than by moving its files to a new directory. This update presents the option to … Continue reading

Security 101: March – Questions & Answers

The magazine PC.COM (Malaysia) is publishing on a monthly basis the questions and answers coming from their readers. The editor of the magazine was kind to allow us to publish the questions and the answers I provided. This means that every month … Continue reading

Some ways to stay in touch with Avira

There are many ways to stay in touch with us: Read the Techblog:   Subscribe to the RSS Feed of the Techblog in your favorite news reader.   Like us on Facebook – we regularly have actions which might … Continue reading

What to do if your computer has a virus

So, the unthinkable, the only thing which you always thought that it can’t happen to you did happen: your computer got a virus or more. What to do now? First of all, don’t be scared and think well before taking the … Continue reading