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Monthly Archives: January 2012

More Facebook scams

There are at least 3 other scams which currently spread very fast on Facebook, very similar to the one which we already analyzed. The first scam is reporting that Chuck Norris has died at 71 years, the second one is … Continue reading

More spam disguised as LinkedIn notifications

We have written in the article  Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message about the online pharmacy messages which pretend to come from LinkedIn. The spammers showed again that they don’t lack innovation because only days after the antispam products started … Continue reading

New Facebook clickjacking scam which promises to show you who has seen your profile (Update)

Earlier today we have seen a new Facebook clickjacking scam which spreads quite fast.   I KNOW WHEN YOU LOOK AT MY PROFILE USING THIS:<removed> NEW! See who views your profile! www.<removed>.com Do you want to know who is … Continue reading

Avira DNS-Repair-Tool released

You must have heard already about the already “famous” malware DNSChanger which manipulates the DNS settings of the computer in order to silently direct the users to malicious websites. FBI and others took action against this malware and in November 2011 … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message

We have posted many times about online pharmacy spam disguised as phishing emails for various entities like Amazon, Paypal, eBay, AOL, Facebook and Twitter. Since the end of December 2011, we have started to see large amounts of emails being … Continue reading

New updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

We were writing in the blog post Adobe released the promised security fixes for Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.x for Windows that the fixes for Adobe Reader and Acrobat v10.1 will be released on  January 10th, 2012. Adobe sent already a prenotification with … Continue reading