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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Improve your security series

I have seen in various forums and on Facebook some of these links used and I thought it would be handy to see them all in one post. So, here they are sorted in chronological order, each linked to the … Continue reading

Online pharmacy spam disguised as phishing

Every time when I see a phishing where AOL is involved I become nostalgic. The reason for that is that the first phishing seen online was sent on an AOL newsgroup on January 2. 1996. Here is one email which … Continue reading

Many updates for Windows, Java, Adobe, Thunderbird and Firefox

This week has been a very busy one for Microsoft, Sun, Adobe and Mozilla Foundation. We have seen the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS11-037 announcing the patch of some vulnerabilities which may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code, cause a denial-of-service … Continue reading

Microsoft publishes a workaround for Duqu Malware

We have written already about Stuxnet v2 or TR/Duqu and we mentioned that Avira detects it TR/Spy.Duqu.A and  TR/Duqu.A.1. This malware uses a vulnerability in a Microsoft Windows component, the TrueType font parsing engine. The vulnerability is caused when the Windows kernel-mode driver win32k.sys fails … Continue reading

Internet Explorer issues after updates

Microsoft announced in the Security Bulletin MS11-081 published in October that all versions of Internet Explorer (from 6 to 9) on all Windows operating system versions are affected by some vulnerabilities, many of them critical. In the same time, updates were delivered … Continue reading

Improve your security #6: Harden your Facebook account

Nowadays the social media life is a significant part of our every day lives. We must make sure that we keep this part of our lives under control. Failing to do so may have significant repercussions like identity stealing (somebody … Continue reading