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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Patch Tuesday with only 2 Updates

The upcoming Patch Tuesday next week seems to mean much less work than the previous one where the Redmond Company released 17 security bulletins: Today, the company announced only two updates for the May Patchday – one of them dealing … Continue reading

iPhone Update reduces Location Tracking Cache Size

Apples’ practice to store the locations of iPhones and iPads in a huge database on the devices and on the connected computers has been a big news in the media recently. A few days later, the company now released the … Continue reading

Twitter Phishing Mails turn out to be Spam

Our spam traps caught quite some malicious mails which were Twitter themed – not the first time we see “You have 1 unread message from Twitter!” mails. This immediately does ring the phishing-alarm bell – someone is trying to steal … Continue reading

Browser Updates

Just a few days ago, two major web browsers have been updated to fix security vulnerabilities which may allow attackers to infect the computer with malware just by visiting a hacked website. Google released version 11 of the Chrome web … Continue reading