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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Improve your security #5: use dedicated accounts for each user

I remember that at the beginning of this year a strange news has made it around the globe: a 7 years child almost bought a British Harrier jet fighter on the online auction site eBay. The price of the plane … Continue reading

Security leak found in Android (update)

Who is navigating over an unencrypted Wi-Fi with his Android 2.3.x smartphone or tablet, can potentially expose his Google Calendar, Contacts and online photos to anyone sniffing the connection. Almost all users of Android are potentially affected by this security … Continue reading

Security Updates for Flash Player and Chrome

Google just updated the Chrome web browser to version 11.0.696.68. The new release fixes at least two security vulnerabilities. The article from the Google Chrome Release Blog with details about the changes disappeared again unfortunately. Additionally, the integrated Flash Player … Continue reading

Scareware infection via Google Doodle

Google’s search results are pointing to malicious sites sometimes – this is common knowledge nowadays. A new way to spread malicious links though is to present infected search results as first hit after clicking on a Google Doodle. For example … Continue reading

Who visited your Facebook Profile

This is something many people seem to find really really interesting: There are social networks out there which do show who visited the user profiles. But Facebook doesn’t offer this feature – they even officially mention that in the Facebook … Continue reading

Spam through an official Yahoo Redirect

Just recently I received on my personal email address an email which was quite strange. An Online Pharmacy spam (aka Canadian Pharmacy) which contained two parts: A plain-text part containing the obfuscated text “B|uepi|u|e” and a link A text-html part … Continue reading

Change your Facebook Password!

Facebook confirmed a security problem with their old, proprietary authentication system: When using Facebook Apps like games or similar, the access token – something like a key to your Facebook account – could leak to some advertisers which were showing … Continue reading

Microsoft delivers 2 Updates for 3 Vulnerabilities

On the May 2011 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released 2 security bulletins with according updates to close 3 security holes – just as announced last week. One of them is a critical and only affects the WINS server of Windows Server … Continue reading

Chrome hacked

Bad news for Chrome users: The security researchers of the security service provider Vupen managed to abuse a currently unknown and non-published security vulnerability in the web browser and to bypass all further security mechanisms like the Chrome sandbox, ASLR … Continue reading

Security vulnerability in Skype for Mac

This is something we don’t see every day: A popular multi-platform software having a security vulnerability only in Mac OS X. In Skype, attackers were able to smuggle in malicious software onto other Skype clients if they are running in … Continue reading