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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Google faster than Adobe

This is something new: Google managed to release a new Chrome version 10.0.648.134 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It only includes a new version of the Flash Player where the recently found zero day vulnerability is already fixed. This is … Continue reading

Twitter increases Security

Following Google and Facebook, on Tuesday this week Twitter added a new feature to its website: https access. Users can enable the secure access by going to their settings and check the box “Always use HTTPS” found at the bottom … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 is out

Microsoft has released the webbrowser Internet Explorer in version 9 – next to more speed it also adds a bit of security as every new IE version does. For example, the new built-in tracking protection helps protecting the privacy when … Continue reading

Lottery scam in German

Our spamtraps are overloaded by a new lottery scam sent as PDF attachment to the spam mails. What initially looked like some kind of exploit for Adobe Reader because of the attached PDF document, proved to be a simple scam. … Continue reading

Critical Adobe Flaw without Patch

A vulnerability within the current versions of Adobe Flash Player on all supported platforms has been found, warns the company. Affected are not only the Flash Player installations, but also Adobe Reader and Acrobat via the “authplay.dll” Flash Player integration. … Continue reading

More Browser Updates

Well, actually we expect some more updates as some security vulnerabilities have been revealed at the Pwn2Own contest during the CanSecWest security conference. Google is the first and pushes out version 10.0.648.133 – which fixes one security vulnerability within WebKit … Continue reading

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for February 2011

Most abused TLDs For the phishing URLs, the ascending trend observed in January 2011 continued with even more entries in February. We observe again that more and more different TLDs are used to host phishing, this being an obvious sign … Continue reading

Polymorphic Virut Malware

W32/Virut.ce is one of the most widespread pieces of malware which can be found on infected computers. This file infector gets massively spread bundled with illegal software (warez). The virus is infecting executable files using latest techniques which make detecting … Continue reading

The next Browser Update: Safari

Right after the Mozilla Developers and Google released new webbrowser versions to fix plenty of security vulnerabilities, now Apple fixes at least 62 vulnerabilities in the Safari webbrowser 5.0.4. A little late though as the CanSecWest conference is already running … Continue reading

Patchday: Fresh releases from Microsoft and Google

As announced last Friday, Microsoft released 3 Security Bulletins which deal with patches for 4 security vulnerabilities. One of them is rated critical and resides within the DirectShow framework for the Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Other security … Continue reading