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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Federal Police Scam

During our usual malware analysis we found a malware sample which shows a fake warning passing off as official German “Bundeskriminalamt” (the German Federal Police). The page contains various logos taken from the official Internet sites. It’s easy to discover … Continue reading

Picturesque Brazilian Banker

While analyzing new malware samples, we found a brazilian banking Trojan that caught our interest: It contains plenty of images – all of brazilian banks and insurances. It is quite a multi talent when it comes to the bank logins … Continue reading

Analysis of TR/Spy.SpyEye

SpyEye is a malware family which we are monitoring for some time. Today we are analyzing a sample which is detected as TR/Spy.SpyEye.flh by Avira products. The Trojan is able to inject code in running processes and can perform the … Continue reading

Improve your Security #4: Update your Software often

Every week or even day we see new vulnerabilities popping up in all software packages which we use daily: In the operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux), PDF Readers, Web browsers, Mail clients, Office suites, and so on. It is critical … Continue reading

Security Vulnerabilities in Chrome

It looks like new Chrome releases aren’t due every six weeks as Google announced a few weeks ago, but once a week now – the company just released Chrome 10.0.648.204 and fixes 6 highly critical security vulnerabilities with it. Those … Continue reading

“Stolen” SSL certificates

According to the media the Certificate Authority Comodo has been hacked and those hackers could sign valid SSL certificates for any website they want to. As the web browsers trust the Comodo CA, no browser would have complained. Since the … Continue reading

Consumer Association test result: Good!

Once a year the Consumer Associations do a test of Antivirus software. This year, the German institution started first and we are proud that Avira performed very well: In the current issue 3/2011 of the “test” magazine of the independent … Continue reading

Spam or Phishing?

We always point out that Phishing is just another form of Spam since the emails are not wanted by anyone. But, what happens if a Spam mail contains a spoofed URL which is redirecting you to a fake website? Isn’t … Continue reading

Many Updates: Flash Player, Mac OS X, Firefox

Today is a busy day for those who want to keep their computers secure: Many updates are available, from Adobes Flash Player over Apples Mac OS X operating system to the Firefox webbrowser. There is a security vulnerability in Flash … Continue reading

Fake System Optimizer with special messages

When analyzing malware, we often look for strings within the malware samples. Those give some interesting insights about the malware, its creators or the targets, for example. While poking into a fake system optimizer, after some decryption layers we also … Continue reading