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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Disabling the autorun entry point

Quite silently the Redmond company released an optional update yesterday which disables autorun for USB sticks. This is one of the most dangerous entry points for malware currently used. Family members, friends or employees carry autorun Trojans around with them … Continue reading

Busy Patchday: Updates for almost everything

Today seems to be administrators nightmare day: Not only Microsoft released the announced updates on the regular Patch Tuesday, but also Adobe for Reader and Flash Player and Google for the Chrome web browser. And even worse, this doesn’t make … Continue reading

Improve your Security #2: Securing your notebook

Quite a lot of people take now their netbook or smartphone with them when travelling. Because of this, almost every quarter of the year we read stories about sensitive personal data was lost because some laptop or USB stick got … Continue reading

Phishing Attack on PayPal Italy

We are monitoring a phishing attack directed toward the customers of PayPal Italy. The email is very long and explains the reader why is it important to click on that link and to answer to the survey. As usual for … Continue reading

Microsoft Patchday ahead, Google secures Chrome

The Redmond company today announced that it plans to release 12 security bulletins on the upcoming Patch Tuesday. The according updates close 22 security holes within the Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Of those, 3 bulletins cope … Continue reading

Paypal phishing attempts in German

Paypal phishing attempts in English speaking countries are very successful. The fraudsters seem to assume that this success also applies to the German speaking audience and started many phishing campaigns with phishing mails written in German. Unfortunately for them, the … Continue reading

VLC 1.1.7 fixes critical .mkv vulnerability

The VLC developers are really fast! Only two days after a new security vulnerability in the .mkv processing routines became public, a fixed version of the player is available for download. VLC 1.1.7 has the .mkv issue fixed. VLC users … Continue reading

Multilingual Paypal phishing

We don’t see a phishing attack executed simultaneously in two languages every day, but recently saw one in English and French at the same time. This time, the fraudsters didn’t even bother to change anything in the email: The text … Continue reading