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Yearly Archives: 2010

Improved Avira AntiVir Rescue System

Our programmers spent a lot of work and drastically overhauled the Avira AntiVir Rescue System which is now available in version 3.7.16. Next to a much better usability due to the redesigned user interface and 11 supported languages the new … Continue reading

Facebook adds “new profiles”

Facebook offers a “new profile” feature that many users adopt very fast. It is possible to mark the best friends and family and show them more prominently with their pictures. Also, it accumulates information like the uers’ work places, where … Continue reading

Chrome 8 available

Google just released version 8 of its web browser Chrome. It fixes 13 security vulnerabilities of which 4 got rated “high”ly critical – the people reporting these all got rewarded with 1.000 US-$ and 500 US-$, respectively. Additionally to these … Continue reading

Holiday season malware

Our spam traps started to receive a large amount of plain text email spams. The emails pretend to stem from “Google and Facebook” and use the sender address The attachment which is 810 bytes in size is an html … Continue reading

Oficla downloads MBR Ransomware

We discovered a new ransomware threat which is downloaded by a Trojan of the Oficla family. This downloaded threat replaces the MBR (master boot record) of the hard disk with its own MBR which asks the user for a password … Continue reading

Ecards from banks

Our spamtraps started to get flooded with a new type of spam which is spreading a malicious file. The authors somehow couldn’t decide how to make the scam more credible, so they mixed up whatever they could find. The email … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 9 – more secure

Microsoft has added new security features progressively with each version of Internet Explorer (IE). For example, IE 7 introduced a phishing filter, and IE 8 added a cross-site scripting filter and InPrivate browsing for better protecting the users’ privacy. With … Continue reading

Romanian tax return phishing

We received the email below from a customer from Romania. The email, which similar ones have been circulating since beginning of October, is a classical tax return phishing which makes use of social engineering techniques to lure the users to … Continue reading

Windows 0-day thoughts and protection

Currently the news about a Proof-of-Concept malware makes the rounds which is able to bypass the User Account Control (UAC) of Windows Vista / Windows 7 without user notification to gain privileged system access. In plain English: This exploit enables … Continue reading

Closer look at W32/Ramnit.C

In this month’s ITW malware set from the Wildlist organization two new variants of W32/Ramnit appeared. W32/Ramnit is a Worm spreading via infected executable files and infected HTML Files. It is a quite widespread malware – which is why we … Continue reading