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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Phishing, Spam and Malware Statistics for April 2010

With a little delay we present our malware statistics for April 2010. Most Phished Brands Paypal is still by far the most phished brand, though the amount slightly decreased. The phishers seem to broaden their spectrum of attacked banks and … Continue reading

Spam Filter Bypass attempts

We are also seeing some old techniques getting a revival. Some years ago, so-called pump-and-sump spam for example for Penny Stocks was making its rounds on the Internet. There the cyber criminals invented some mail filter bypassing-techniques: First, they replaced … Continue reading

Facebook Phishing (on first sight)

Three weeks ago, our spam traps received massive amounts of spam mails which looked much more like Twitter phishing. This Twitter scheme obviously doesn’t work anymore, as we now are seeing plenty of mails which look like Facebook phishing. The … Continue reading

Patchday: 2 Security Bulletins announced

In their advance notification, the Redmond company announces to release 2 Security Bulletins on the May 2010 Patchday next Tuesday. They fix vulnerabilities within nearly all currently supported Windows operating systems and in Microsoft Office, also in Visual Basic for … Continue reading

Fake DHL Mail leads to Fake Antivirus

We are seing these kind of emails very frequently and they all look very much the same, even if the senders change the style every now and then. These mails get sent in huge amounts in order to reach as … Continue reading

Observations on Spam

Sending out spam emails is still one of the major functions of current malware which infects computers. Bot herders – those people who write the malware to infect your computers – rent their bot networks to other criminals who use … Continue reading