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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Improved Generic Unpacking

We shipped a new version of our component avsbx.dll last week. avsbx contains our generic unpacking routines. With the new version we improve our generic unpacking and can detect a significant increased amount of malware. Our developers also managed to … Continue reading

Combined Avira Risk Level

After starting publishing our Malware and Phishing Risk Levels in the middle of last year, we now started to add and combine data from other sources we have: the spamtraps. We collect new emails containing Spam, Malware and  Phishing 24 … Continue reading

Kneber-Botnet – something new?

The news spreads on the net that a new, giant botnet has been detected, named “Kneber”. It seems to have hijacked more than 75,000 PCs world-wide, also in companies and government nets. Upon closer investigation it turns out that the … Continue reading

Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.3.1 released

As announced last week Adobe released version 9.3.1 of Adobe Reader and for Acrobat. Next to the security flaw which enables malicious scripts to escape the sandbox and access other domains content, there is crash fixed which could lead to … Continue reading

Adobe Flash Player Update

Adobe has published a security bulletin about security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player. In all versions up to the recent Flash objects could evade the Sandbox which would allow for unauthorized cross domain requests. The vulnerability is rated critical. … Continue reading

26 Security Holes closed by Microsoft

As announced last Friday, Microsoft released 13 Security Bulletins on February Patch Tuesday, fixing 26 security vulnerabilities in the Redmond products. Of those 11 affect the Windows operating systems and 2 the Office products. Due to the vulnerabilities, attackers may … Continue reading

Infected Firefox Add-ons

Last week’s Friday the Mozilla Foundation spread the news that they detected two infected Firefox Add-ons on their servers. They removed the Add-ons and added more malware scanners to their servers for checking whether uploaded software is clean or malicious. … Continue reading

Patchday ahead: 13 Bulletins announced

For the Tuesday to come Microsoft announced to release 13 Security Bulletins. They close 26 security holes according to Microsofts Security Response Center (MSRC). While 11 of those bulletins affect Windows, 2 deal with security issues in Office. 5 bulletins … Continue reading

Most abused TLDs in January 2010

The last statistics set is about the top level domains which got used most for hosting phishing sites and malware. There are some interesting observations. Phishing Malware # Top-Level-Domain % Deviation in % from December 2009 Top-Level-Domain % Deviation in … Continue reading

Most Phished Brands – January 2010

Next in our statistic series is the “Most Phished Brands” analysis. Paypal is still the phishing target number one – with a big distance to the next ranks. In January 2010, the most phished brands were: # Brand % Deviation … Continue reading