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Yearly Archives: 2009

Google makes life harder for spammers

Just after Christmas Google decided to make the life harder for all spammers who misuse the free email accounts offered by Google. GMail introduced a new security challenge which is meant to improve security when creating an email account: Validation … Continue reading

The most phished brands of 2009

Almost the entire year 2009, the battle for the first place on phishing targets took place between Ebay and Chase Bank. Most of the time, the Chase Bank was on top of the most phished brands. In December, the situation … Continue reading

Security hole in Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Adobe is currently investigating a new security hole in Reader and Acrobat. Cybercriminals are currently spamming emails with prepared documents which lead to an infection of the computer with malware. The PDF document abuses a buffer overflow in a new … Continue reading

ZeuS-Botnet: Command&Control in the Cloud

The ZeuS Tracker project stumbled upon a ZBot variant which used Amazons Cloud hosting service EC2 as Command&Control (C&C) server. ZBot is a widespread trojan which can spy on online banking credentials and steals other login information. It gets sold … Continue reading

Black Tuesday: Microsoft secures IE, Adobe its Flash Player

The Redmond company released 6 security bulletins as announced last Friday. They close 12 security holes, most importantly some issues in the Internet Explorer that allow for drive-by-downloads – those set the users at risk to infect their computer by … Continue reading

chkdsk issue with Windows 7 – fixed

For those who experienced an issue with Avira AntiVir in Windows 7, we now ship the new version of the driver avgntflt.sys via automatic update. The situation where running Avira AntiVir in Windows 7 in some cases lead to a … Continue reading

Microsoft to close 3 critical vulnerabilities

For next Tuesday, Microsoft announces to release 6 security bulletins. 3 of them deal with critical rated security vulnerabilities, which means that attackers can smuggle malware on the computer without (much) user interaction through the security holes. The critical vulnerabilities … Continue reading

Not every Christmas card wishes you well

There are only 21 days left until Christmas and plenty people already started to prepare Christmas postcards for family, friends and business partners. Some of us send them in the classical way, some use electronic ways to send them. So … Continue reading

Different Twist in Social Network Spam

Everybody probably has heard of spam hosted on social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. We also know that these websites actively remove the offending pages, so why not using them differently? The spam email below is using … Continue reading

chkdsk in Windows 7

We got some reports of an issue where using Avira in Windows 7 leads to regular chkdsk-runs upon reboot. Our developers are analysing the problem and now succeeded to reproduce it. We are also in close contact with Microsoft to … Continue reading