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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Different Twist in Social Network Spam

Everybody probably has heard of spam hosted on social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. We also know that these websites actively remove the offending pages, so why not using them differently? The spam email below is using … Continue reading

chkdsk in Windows 7

We got some reports of an issue where using Avira in Windows 7 leads to regular chkdsk-runs upon reboot. Our developers are analysing the problem and now succeeded to reproduce it. We are also in close contact with Microsoft to … Continue reading

Blizzard / WoW Phishing

Starting this weekend some phishing mails were making the rounds for Blizzard / World of Warcraft. The cyber criminals were trying to get their hands on login credentials of unsuspecting users. The phishing mail used an online survey as bait. … Continue reading

Avira switches to new update system

Due to the fast growing amount of malware out there in the wild our virus definition files grow fast as well. We monitored the situation with our Updates very closely. We realise that users of the free Avira AntiVir Personal … Continue reading

Spam hosted by Google Notebook

Most of the spam emails circulating these days contain one or two URLs showing a picture and pointing to the spam website. Something like this: <a href=””><img src=”></a> Some spams also contain URLs pointing to highly reputable websites like, … Continue reading

Fake “Conflicker.B” alert mails

In a spam wave that currently is active, fake alert emails clog the inboxes of Internet users. The mails pretend to stem from the Microsoft Support and make the recipient believe that the computer is infected with Conflicker.B (and/or Conficker.B, … Continue reading

Safari fixes and SMB vulnerability (Update)

Apple just released their web browser Safari in version 4.0.4 – both for Mac OS X and for Windows. Previous versions have some serious security vulnerabilities which can lead to remote code execution, crashes or to information disclosure, for example. … Continue reading

Social engineering and the redefinition of spam

Let’s start off with the definition of spam according to Wikipedia: E-mail spam, also known as junk e-mail, is a subset of spam that involves nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e-mail. A common synonym for spam is … Continue reading

Microsoft fixes several critical flaws

The Redmond company released 6 security bulletins with according patch-sets for this November Black Tuesday. These patches close security holes mainly in Microsoft Office and in the Windows Kernel which allow for example for drive-by-downloads, privilege escalation and remote code … Continue reading

November Patchday: Apple starts first

Just a few hours before Microsoft will release Updates for its software, Apple released version 10.6.2 of Mac OS X and Security Update 2009-006, respectively. This Update fixes numerous of security issues within the Mac operating system. You can download … Continue reading