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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Firefox 3.5.4 closes 11 security holes

The Mozilla Foundation just released Firefox 3.5.4 – the new version closes 11 security holes of which 6 are considered critical from the Mozilla developers. Those vulnerabilities can be abused by cybercriminals to inject malicious code like a Trojan into … Continue reading

Facebook Password Reset turns out to be Malware

Email malware is really getting trendy again. Now the malware authors use another social engineering scam: The spam mails claim that the password for the Facebook account has been reset. For getting the new password, the recipient of the spam … Continue reading

Koobface variant used for Captcha breaking

A new Koobface variant is currently spreading in the wild. New variants are not unexpected, but these have an unusual feature: Once the malware is installed on the computer, it locks the windows desktop every so often and forces the … Continue reading

Twitter removes Spammers

After posting an article about Twitter Spam recently, some people started to follow my Twitter Feed. One of these users was an obvious spammer though which probably tried to distribute malware. Unfortunately I was too slow in checking what the … Continue reading

Email malware returns

After last weeks outbreak of spam mails with malware with alleged settings for mail software (which still is ongoing, we still receive a lot of those mails) our analysts see a new bunch of emails which contain a trojan as … Continue reading

Malware-Spam with alleged OWA settings

Our spam traps received a lot of spam emails during the last night which claim to lead to or to include a new settings file for Outlook Web Access (OWA). The mails seem to be sent by the technical staff … Continue reading

Adobe fixes Reader and Acrobat

Not only Microsoft released a bunch of patches to close security holes in their products, but also Adobe now ships updated software to fix several vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat which already get attacked with specially prepared PDF documents … Continue reading

A brief look at some Twitter Spam

As many other millions people, I also have a Twitter account. I never use it through the website because I don’t really have time to tweet. But, I have created an account on a website which publishes automatically any … Continue reading

Microsoft closes 34 Security Holes

Just as announced last Friday, Microsoft ships updates for plenty of products and closes 34 security holes. Many of them are rated critical which means that attackers can infiltrate vulnerable systems remotely. The patches affect the Windows operating systems starting … Continue reading

Climbing and Falling

Last Friday and Saturday, many people from Avira’s Technical department left their offices to take part at a Team Event in the Black Forest. We used our creativity, we pushed our senses to maximum and last but not least, our … Continue reading