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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Another huge Update leading to delays

We are currently delivering another huge update to our clients. This leads to the situation that users of the free Avira AntiVir Personal have some issues getting their updates fast. The situation should get better today or tomorrow. We hope … Continue reading

Exploit for SMBv2 hole in Vista publicly available

10 days ago first exploit code for the security vulnerability in the SMBv2 protocol appeared in the underground. Today working exploit code for the open source penetration testing framework Metasploit was released. Therewith it is possible for the cybercriminals to … Continue reading

ZBot outbreak in form of IRS Phishing

Our users located in the US currently are under attack from an IRS malware/spamming campaign. In the last 3 days we have constantly detected and blocked a spam outbreak containing links pointing to websites similar to IRS’, which ask the … Continue reading

VB Conference Day 3

The 3rd and last day of the VB Conference was less crowded compared to the other two days, but it was by far more interesting. The first half of the technical track was dedicated to Spam. The speakers presented methods … Continue reading

VB Conference Day 2

The second day of the VB Conference was also very interesting, so we had to split in order to cover as many as possible presentations. The most interesting presentations, from my point of view, in the Corporate track were those … Continue reading

VB Conference Day 1

The first day of VB Conference 2009 in Geneva was very interesting in both tracks (Corporate and Technical). The speakers in the Technical track have shown various techniques to analyze malware at the lowest level, described problems from the past … Continue reading

VB Conference opening

Today the VB Conference 2009 in Geneva has started! According to the VB Team, this year the registered numbers of participants is a record – despite of the global economic crisis. There are a lot of good papers in both … Continue reading

Worm instead of Avira Keygen

On a popular Bittorrent site during the last weekend there appeared a package that allegedly contains Avira AntiVir Premium and a so called keygen. A keygen is a tiny piece of software that calculates a license number for a commercial … Continue reading

The longest Nigerian Scam ever?

I received today what I think is the longest Nigerian Scam I have ever seen. Nothing special in the text, maybe except that it is written with only a few punctuation signs and in a terrible English. The special thing … Continue reading

A fresh breeze in the Casino spam

I usually sort the spams I receive in my personal email after the date I receive them. I do this once a week and then I move them to the spam archive. This time, two emails draw my attention because … Continue reading