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Monthly Archives: August 2009

USA Visa Lottery scam

We don’t see every day USA Visa lottery scams, but when we see them, there is a long text with many details in order to make the email very credible. This time the text is very simple because it refers … Continue reading

Autorun-/AutoPlay-Patches from Microsoft

Microsoft released two new knowledgebase articles in which it makes patches for all actual supported operating systems available. Those patches properly disable the Autorun and AutoPlay feature. This is important as previously it was possible to convince users to execute … Continue reading

W32/Induc.A Removal Tool

Last week a virus that infects Delphi development environments and then the compiled Delphi programs was detected and got some media attention – infected programs were distributed on cover-mount CDs and DVDs on computer magazines and via Download Portals. Our … Continue reading

CentMail: Yahoo’s “new” idea to stop spam

First of all, the idea is not at all new. Bill Gates talked about a method to pay a very small fee for each sent email in 2004, but the idea proved to be not realistic. Yahoo’s CentMail does nothing … Continue reading

Holiday Season Spam

When I looked into one of our spam traps, one mail caught my eye: It was promising an expensive holiday trip to Turkey nearly for free, and I could even take 3 more persons with me! The trip is allegedly … Continue reading

Updates from Microsoft available

As announced before the weekend, Microsoft now released 9 security bulletins. The patches related to those bulletins close overall 19 security holes in Windows, Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, ISA- and BizTalk-Server, RDP client for Mac and the .Net framework. According … Continue reading

Patchday ahead

Microsoft announced its August patchday: The Redmond company plans to release 9 security bulletins on the coming Tuesday. 5 of those Bulletins deal with vulnerabilities rated critical by Microsoft; they all allow for remote code execution. Of those, 4 affect … Continue reading

Mozilla Foundation fixes 2 vulnerabilities in Firefox

The developers of the Mozilla Foundation just released Firefox 3.5.2 to close two critical rated security vulnerabilities. One flaw in the web browser could be abused to spoof certificates for web servers. This could happen as the browser didn’t parse … Continue reading

Be aware of the fraudsters

If you are a German user and receive an email coming from “Virenwarndienst” with the email address <Virenwarndienst@<Abzock-Webseite>.info> do not register there for downloading the software. This site is a price trap. The users who register there are closing a … Continue reading