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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Adobe-Patches are out

As announced, Adobe released the first updates for the critical security vulnerabilities in its products already. The first update is for Adobe Flash-Player – the new version is supposed to close the security hole in the software. You can … Continue reading

Avira Risk Level

The Risk Level describes the current phishing- and malware threats that we receive in real time from our sources in Internet. These threats are valid and can be accessed by any user in the Internet. The levels are computed by … Continue reading

Out-of-band Patches from Microsoft II

As announced last week, Microsoft released two security bulletins out-of-band. They cope with critical vulnerabilities in all Internet Explorer Versions and with a flawed Active Template Library (ATL) for developers using Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Due to the flaw in the … Continue reading

Out-of-band Patches from Microsoft

Microsoft announced extraordinary updates for the Internet Explorer and for Visual Studio for this Tuesday to come. While the company rates the security issue in Visual Studio only as moderate, the IE-flaws – which also affect IE8 – are considered … Continue reading

Security flaw in Adobe PDF/Flash

There are security flaws within Adobe Reader and Acrobat and the Adobe Flash Player which are getting actively exploited on the net currently. The company has published a security advisory where it announces that they are currently investigating the problem … Continue reading

Hindering debugging – by doing nothing

A common technique to make debugging harder and more time-consuming is scrambling the virus code and inserting “random” junk code that doesn’t really do anything useful. One example is the W32/Virut family. Despite already being a couple of years old, … Continue reading

Nigerian scams are indeed getting smarter

A few days ago we posted about Nigerian scam that is trying to get smarter. I was saying that they are trying without success to avoid common mistakes which are being done by the other scam authors. Well, it happened … Continue reading

Firefox 3.5.1 closes security hole

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 3.5.1 today. The new version fixes an issue which could get abused by web sites to inject malicious code into a victim’s computer. The vulnerability was in the Just-In-Time compiler for JavaScript which is a … Continue reading

Nigerian scams are trying to get smarter

We blogged already about Nigerian scams which make the usual mistakes associated with this kind of fraud. This time, we received an email which seemed to be adapted to the European civilization. I got really excited when I’ve seen that … Continue reading

6 Patches from Microsoft; Vulnerability in Firefox 3.5

Microsoft released 6 security bulletins as announced. The actively exploited security hole in a video ActiveX component gets fixed by the updates, also flaws in DirectShow, the Embedded OpenType Font Engine, VirtualPC and -Server, ISA Server and Office 2007. A … Continue reading