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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Spam through (Update)

Today happened what I thought it was impossible: I received spam on my username’s alias email address registered at is the world’s largest open source software development web site. I have an account there since I was a … Continue reading

A Japanese scam with some twists

Everyone knows about the already classic “Advanced Fee Fraud”, also known as the “Nigerian Scam” ( But, not everybody has seen the Japanese version of this scam (Figure 1). This is a very fancy scam: We usually see the same … Continue reading

Malware threats in the first half of 2009

As we were predicting upcoming threats for 2009 in the end of last year we now checked whether our guesses were correct. Unfortunately, they were. We predicted that the use of polymorphic file infectors will increase again. This became true: … Continue reading

Opera Unite – Everybody is becoming a Web server

Browser developer Opera today introduced a new feature of its upcoming browser generation 10 with the code name Opera Unite. Basically Opera added a web server to the browser and offers a dynamic DNS service along with it. So everyone … Continue reading

Microsoft and Adobe ship Updates

As announced, Microsoft released 10 security bulletins with according updates today. They fix 31 security vulnerabilities in the Windows Operating Systems, in the Internet Explorer and in Office. Make sure to install them ASAP! Adobe also had its first patch … Continue reading

Microsoft announces 10 security bulletins

Microsoft today announced that it plans to publish 10 security bulletins on the upcoming patch Tuesday. 6 Bulletins are meant to deal with Windows Operating System flaws – 2 of them are considered critical. For Microsoft Office, Word and Excel … Continue reading

World of Warcraft Phishing

A new wave of phishing messages targeted at World Of Warcraft players has appeared these days. The messages follow the same pattern: the “From” field is spoofed (trying to make the user believe that the message comes from Blizzard) and … Continue reading