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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Microsoft warns of critical DirectX flaw

Microsoft issued a warning about a security vulnerability in DirectX which is reportedly getting actively exploited. The affected component quartz.dll is removed in Windows Vista and 2008 Server (and also in Windows 7), so Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server … Continue reading

Malware and Phishing statistics for Germany

According to, 61.1% from the Germany’s population in 2007 had Internet access. From these users, 56% are online every day or almost every day. Having such a widespread Internet usage, it is no surprise that there is quite a … Continue reading

Microsoft, Apple and Adobe ship Updates

Microsoft, Apple and Adobe provide new updates to their users. While Microsoft plugs 14 holes alone in its PowerPoint software, Apple fixes 67 security holes in its Mac OS X operating system and in the Safari web browser. Adobe closes … Continue reading

File Patcher W32/Tobin

While refining and improving our detection of the W32/Tobin file patcher malware we analysed its “infection” algorithm closer. Upon execution, it drops a DLL (usually “nikitob.dll”) and modifies executable files on the system so that they load the dropped DLL … Continue reading

New documents from AMTSO

Once again the AMTSO, a large group of security professionals, testers and journalists came together to work on further documents trying to help improving the quality of anti-malware reviews. This time the meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary and the … Continue reading

Microsoft to fix PowerPoint vulnerability

Microsoft released the advance notification for the upcoming patch Tuesday next week. So far only one security bulletin is planned, which is supposed to fix the critical vulnerability within PowerPoint – which gets actively exploited for about a month now. … Continue reading

Antispam: Improving detection of Japanese Emails

Recently, we received some false positive (good emails marked as SPAM) and false negative messages (spam emails not detected) from our partners in Japan. It seems that our Antispam engine did not cope well with some messages written in Japanese. … Continue reading

Swine flu Spams are flooding the net

Starting at the end of last week we see an increasing level of medicine spams containing a reference to the swine flu. The URL seems to be random generated and no redirect is visible. When visiting the website, we see … Continue reading

Adobe Acrobat and Reader JavaScript Vulnerability

Adobe issued a warning about a buffer overflow vulnerability in all recent versions of Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat. Attackers can inject malicious code into computers with specially prepared PDF documents. While Adobe announces an Update for the affected software … Continue reading