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Monthly Archives: March 2009

What to do against Psyb0t

Some hype established around the malware known as Psyb0t. It is unusual as it doesn’t infect windows machines, but MIPS-based Internet-routers and DSL-modems – which are very widespread. (This is only half of the story. There is a windows malware … Continue reading

Update your Java Runtime Environment

Sun has published a security alert and recommends users of their Java Runtime Environment (which is in fact nearly everyone out there) to install the provided update as soon as possible. According to Sun’s document the loader for Java Applets … Continue reading

Colorful Spam twist for bypassing Spamfilters

Starting on 23.03.09 we began to receive a new type of spam mails having a rather interesting format: HTML with tables having certain cells colored with a special background. The result is really nice, as you can see below: The … Continue reading

Avira AntiVir 9 gets adopted fast

As you may have heard, we released version 9 of Avira AntiVir last week. From our update servers we can tell that up to yesterday more than half of Avira AntiVir Premium users as well as those using Avira AntiVir … Continue reading

Facebook users, pay attention where you click

In the last months we have noticed an increased phishing activity targeted at  users of the well known social portal Facebook. The specific functionality which is attacked is the free redirect feature. Facebook can redirect to any website using a … Continue reading

Malware writers rig up against Sandboxes

While analysing a recent version of the often adapted Trojan Dropper CeeInject we stumbled over following message in the malware (in plain text): Hi Dear sniffer If you want to find the net You better put some effort in doing … Continue reading

Exploit-Code for Foxit PDF out – Update now

For the popular Foxit PDF Reader, an alternative for Adobes Reader, there is now exploit code available. Many people use Foxit in the hope that it doesn’t contain the same vulnerabilities as the “original” software from Adobe. But a few … Continue reading

Plenty of Patches released

Not only Microsoft published security updates – also Adobe managed to provide a fix for some versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat to close an actively exploited security hole in these products. Microsoft issued 3 security bulletins. One vulnerability in … Continue reading

Configuration Profiles in AntiVir 9

The Professional Edition of AntiVir 9 will introduce a new feature which we have called Configuration Profiles. The idea behind this feature is to better support mobile users. Probably you have faced the problem yourself when running an enterprise antivirus: … Continue reading

New False Positive from Spyware Doctor (Update)

While fixing the false positive detection from a few days ago, PCTools managed to add a new false alarm in their Google Pack version of Spyware Doctor: Today, the program alerts the user that Avira’s ccev.dll contains the Backdoor.Bandok. Of … Continue reading