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Monthly Archives: February 2009

What to do if your site has been hacked by Phishers

APWG has published an advisory document called “What to do if your site has been hacked by Phishers”. This document gives website owners hints for specific actions they can take when they have been notified that their website or webserver … Continue reading

Pidief-Shellcode with a Twist

While analysing the latest malicious PDF exploit documents, we found the embedded shellcode to have some interesting features. The shellcode gets executed once the exploit was successful. The payload of the PDF is contacting a server in China – so … Continue reading

Avira protects against IE7 Exploit

Microsoft patched a security hole in Internet Explorer on the Black Tuesday last week (MS09-002). As expected, first public exploits appeared for the vulnerability, trying to install malware on computers of unsuspecting users. A link is spread in spam mails … Continue reading

Further improvements in AntiVir 9

We already mentioned some of the major improvements in Avira AntiVir 9. What we didn’t cover yet are some of the minor changes which make AntiVir easier to control and to use. For example our developers overhauled the upload mechanism … Continue reading

Optimized Scan in Avira AntiVir 9

The AntiVir 9 product family will introduce a new scanning mode for the integrated on-demand scanner which we called “Optimized Scan”. Optimized Scan is designed to improve on-demand scan performance on multi core systems. This scan mode must be explicitly … Continue reading

Raiffeisen Phishing in Romania

Following the ascending trend of global e-commerce, the Romanian e-commerce is growing fast. Many Romanians choose to pay their bills, bank or tax rates using Internet banking. However, besides the numerous advantages of these services, there are many disadvantages too. … Continue reading

Microsoft patches 8 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft released 4 updates for overall 8 security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server and for Visio from the office suites on the February Black Tuesday. The company considers the two vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer as being … Continue reading

AMTSO – Further documents developed

The latest AMTSO meeting took place last week in Cupertino, CA, USA. It was hosted by Symantec and therefore the members met in the buildings of Symantec headquarter. Again, many representatives from major security companies attended the meeting, as well … Continue reading

Updated Virut Detection

Several months it became silent around W32/Virut – yet another file infector virus that was very active and widespread in the past. All of a sudden, new instances of the W32/Virut family surfaced a short time ago. The malware author … Continue reading

Nigerian Scam?

When we talk about Nigerian Scams (also known as 419 scam) we always assume that the social engineering part is about transferring large sums of money from some African country into the receiver’s personal account. It seems that the business … Continue reading