Optimized Scan in Avira AntiVir 9

The AntiVir 9 product family will introduce a new scanning mode for the integrated on-demand scanner which we called “Optimized Scan”. Optimized Scan is designed to improve on-demand scan performance on multi core systems. This scan mode must be explicitly enabled in the configuration and will especially use the capabilities of modern multi core CPUs (or systems with multiple single core processors). Note that this check box is available on multi core systems only:

A new feature for speeding up Avira AntiVir: Optimized Scan

A new feature for speeding up Avira AntiVir: Optimized Scan

The performance gain of course depends on your system resources (RAM, Hard disk and CPU frequency). A quick test on two systems each scanning the complete system and program files partition produced the following results:

Computer type OS CPU RAM HDD Improvement
Dell Optiplex 755 XP SP3 Core 2 Duo E6750 4 GB 2 x SATA 20%
HP Compaq 8510w Vista SP1 Core 2 Duo T7500 2 GB 1 x SATA 10%

In our opinion these are pretty good results. However, Optimized Scan has some drawbacks which we accepted to receive maximum throughput:

  • Optimized scan works on multi core systems only
  • Logging mode is reduced to “Normal”
  • As the CPU cores are heavily loaded the user might notice his system reacting slower than normal

How it works? We can’t tell too much but I can tell you the following: Optimized Scan spawns an additional worker thread (only a single one, so we use only 2 cores right now) which takes over some tasks from the main core.

There’s still room for further improvement. Stay curious what’s coming up next…

Thomas Salomon
Manager Windows Software Development