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Yearly Archives: 2008

Happy New Year!

The Avira Team wishes you a happy new year! May the new year be successfull for you! With the new year our TechBlog is officially opened for the public. We hope that you find interesting and useful information here! Dirk … Continue reading

Infected Christmas presents

After last years christmas I thought that the producers of digital picture frames, USB-sticks and MP3-players would have learned their lesson and do a better quality assurance – just to make sure they don’t deliver malware on their devices. Obviously, … Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

All Avira team members wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope that you had a successfull, malware-free year 2008 and that you can enjoy some days with your family and your beloved ones. May Santa bring nice gifts for you! … Continue reading

Build your own ZBot

Our malware analysts stumbled upon a small archive which turned out to be a ZBot construction kit. It is very simple to use. The version we found is from end of August this year, newer versions are already available on … Continue reading

Cleaning polymorphic infected files

Even though parasitic malware accounts only for a small part of all malware these days, it seems that file infector viruses are making a comeback. File infectors modify existing files by injecting code into them. When an infected file is … Continue reading

Updates, updates, updates! (Update!)

Not only Microsoft has to deal with security risks. Also Apple released a security update to Mac OS 10.5.6 (Security Update 2008-008), fixing 21 holes in their operating system. Mac users should get the updates via the automatic update mechanism … Continue reading

Quiet holidays?

Remember our article at the end of November “Phishing on the rise“? We were monitoring that the Chase phishing is becoming a serious part in our statistics for phishing and malware. Well, after almost three weeks, it seems that the … Continue reading

IE7 zero-day vulnerability also affects IE5, IE6 and IE8 Beta (Update)

Microsoft updated its Security Advisory for the recently discovered zero-day vulnerability in the way Internet Explorer handles XML. As it seems, not only Internet Explorer 7 contains the security hole, but also IE5, IE6 and IE8 Beta. The range of … Continue reading

Avira to the rescue!

Our developers just released version 3.5 of our free Avira Rescue-CD. If you think your computer might be infected, but the malware hides from the virus scanner – just download the most recent version from our Tools section, burn it … Continue reading

Exploits for IE7 hole in the wild

The exploits for the recently detected vulnerability in Internet Explorer 7 are now available on public websites. Most malicous websites currently are hosted in china, but this is expected to change soon: Attackers can simply modify the available Proof-of-Concept (PoC) … Continue reading