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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Microsoft plugs 28 security holes – zero-day vulnerability still unpatched

Microsoft released 8 security bulletins on the last Patch Tuesday this year. The available updates close 28 security holes in the products from Redmond. Some critical vulnerabilites affect the surface rendering library GDI, where having an exploit WMF graphic on … Continue reading

Help us to help you

You all receive this kind of messages from Windows kindly asking you to tell that you’ve had a problem with an application which refused to function. Even if this is very nerve-wasting sometimes, it actually helps a lot. Microsoft cooperates … Continue reading

Prepare for Black Tuesday

Microsoft announced its Patch Tuesday for December today. They want to release eight security bulletins, of which six are marked as solving critical security vilnerabilities in Windows operating systems, Word, Excel, Visual Basic and Internet Explorer. Two vulnerabilites considered important … Continue reading

Cryptors for sale, full service included

The underground economy is a strange place. Sometimes you stumble over offers which sound really good – from the malware writer’s point of view. Recently we got aware of a german site selling a so called cryptor which should make … Continue reading

A Christmas present in your Inbox

It seems that the spammers have a quite busy time during the winter holidays. They flood our inboxes with all kind of special “Christmas” offers covering especially potency pills , brand bags, luxury watches and different other presents. The Avira … Continue reading