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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Phishing on the rise

The Spamtraps used by Avira to collect spam, phishing and malware from Internet, recorded some interesting data which show us a change in the trends for the end of this year. As can be seen in the graphics below, there … Continue reading

AMTSO – First documents published

In January 2008 representatives of Avira and more than 40 other security software technologists, testers, academics and reviewers came together to found the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) in Bilbao, Spain. The motivation for the foundation of AMTSO was helping … Continue reading

Phishing: Chase eBay

Since yesterday we’re monitoring a weird development. Usually, the top phishing targets are eBay and Paypal. But now, phishing-sites for the Chase bank are spreading very fast. There were spam runs with emails which are claiming that the Chase bank … Continue reading

Microsoft Windows, Firefox 3 Update and Spam

The developers from the Mozilla project just released an update for Firefox 3, bumping the version number to 3.0.4. The patch remedies 11 vulnerabilities of which 4 are considered crititcal by the Mozilla developers. They may lead to execution of … Continue reading

Providing protection against malware and phishing URLs

Phishing, spam and malware have a couple of things in common: they have become a major problem for the users, for the banks and for online businesses. They are delivered either as attachments or via URLs contained in the emails. … Continue reading

Time to say good bye: WPA cracked

You thought encrypting wireless traffic with WEP is insecure? Right, that can be cracked within 60 seconds in the meantime; I verified that myself – depending on the network it took me 5 to 10 minutes though. WPA ought to … Continue reading

Performance Improvements – Some Details on File IO

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, we at Avira are not only trying to offer you outstanding detection rates, we are also putting effort into providing that protection in a way that does not slow your system down more … Continue reading